ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN ITALY { 86 images } Created 28 Apr 2012

IF THIS IS ITALY: the desperate living conditions of illegal immigrants in Italy.
They come mainly from Africa and Eastern Europe.
Completely abandoned by the Italian government without any help, they live in an absolute horrible and unhealthy environment, struggling everyday to survive working illegally as underpaid fields' workers.

Just few people are really aware of the situation and try to help them as much as they can. One of them is Bartolo Mercuri who dedicated most of these last years helping these poor and miserable people, together with other volunteers, giving them food, medicines, moral support and clothes at "Il Cenacolo", a Christian immigrants daycare center near Rosarno, in the southern Italian region of Calabria.

Almost nothing has been done so far by the local government and the local residents to help them,

Who will ever stand up for them?
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